GEEK is a place for families and friends to Meet, Make and Play. There are digital and analogue activities for casual and dedicated gamers. GEEK invites you to fun and games in the winter months. People have traveled across the country and even across the ocean to attend GEEK.


GEEK has something for everyone, whether they want to play and compete, relax and try out something new, learn new skills or get an idea of their dream job using games and technology.



The heart of GEEK is a celebration of video games. There are hundreds of playable video games to play on hundreds of consoles. Visitors can trace their development from 1970s to current day or just find long lost favourites.


Other activities include all new board games, cards, interactive theatre, performance and real life social games.


Cosplay has grown in popularity since it was introduced at GEEK 2013. The talent is amazing and is definitely not ignored alongside all the screens and technology.


GEEK 2015 is upon us!

Click here to buy your tickets.




Sorry we cant do group ticket this year - nor do we have a joint day and evening ticket

but how about a buy one get one free?

Buy Friday Late Play and get Saturday late play Free!

Any of you super keen folk who have already bought both late night play tickets for Late Night Play for both Friday and Saturday- get a refund on the door.

Welcome to the tomorrow you asked for!


( Note all day tickets remain unchanged)

Story Sunday 22nd February

Have you been following our Story Sunday teasers? In the run up towards GEEK 2015 we have been posting a teaser from our Story Sunday short started by Ian Livingstone and finished by YOU throughout Sunday.

Guiness World Record Attempt

Will this be another World Record broken at GEEK? fingers crossed!

The Game Show are going to attempt to break the current Guinness World Record for fastest completion of Bricking It in Timesplitters 2.

We will be streaming on Twitch

Check out their Youtube for more information.

Come check us out on the Saturday from 10AM or if you can't make it to GEEK but still want to watch you can via Twitch.

We've also gotten some excellent prizes to give away for the top score!

Predicted Payload Location

With our flight still scheduled to take place at GEEK on Saturday 21st February at 10am we have been keeping a close eye on the weather and have calculated that our payload may make it all  the way to Belgium!

So start asking around your friends and see who would be able to recover the payload for your team!

Don't forget to Sign Up for your chance to win fantastic prizes!

Minecraft Creative Build ends this Friday 13th!

There is not long left to finish off your GEEK Amusement Parks for the Creative Build competition!

1st Prize:

The winner will be sent an amazing Plantronics Gaming Headset and GEEK goodies.

Runner Up:

Three runners up will be sent GEEK goodies.



Socially Searching

We are busy at GEEK HQ preparing for the launch of our high altitude helium GEEK balloon.

Eventually the balloon will burst and the parachute will open, dropping the payload back down to Earth. The location of the balloon will be broadcast every ten minutes until 24 hours after the payload lands, or until the tracker is turned off. The location reports will stay visible on the competition web site for seven days after launch.

Now we need you to form a team to recover the payload from somewhere in Europe. Because it could land anywhere you’ll need to be agile and build a social network of friends until you find someone able to collect the payload at the landing site. Don't forget to Sign Up your team. You will get some warning as to where it lands and we will post a forecast map of the landing site so you can start building your network 1 week before the GEEK payload takes off. The winner will be the social network team who collects the payload and returns it to GEEK. There will be nine additional runners up who will also have reached the landing site and collected a token.

Our GEEK Weather balloon filled with helium flies up to a height upwards of 30 kilometers. Our flight is scheduled to take place at GEEK on Friday 20th February weather permitting from the Margate Winter Gardens. Once launched you will be able to keep track of the balloon from our GEEK Balloon Tracker.

Don't forget sign up your team for your chance to win!

Also to check out the other GEEK Fringe activities going on around Margate during GEEK!

You are invited to contribute to the GEEK Digital Debate.

GEEK2015 kicks off with a conversation about the future, bringing together digital visionaries, teachers, and representatives from the creative and cultural sector to look at what a digital world has in store for us, and what that means for businesses, artists, and gamers alike.

After the success of the Digital Debates held at GEEK 2013 and 2014, this year we continue to explore and debate what the future has in store.

This year's debate will be chaired by Oscar Clark, Evangelist for Everyplay (Unity Technologies), and author of the book Games As A Service - How Free To Play Design Can Make Better Games. As a pioneer in online, mobile and console social games services since 1998, and visionary for one of the first Online games communities, we are delighted that Oscar will be leading our discussion with a keynote speech on the role of the UK Creative Industries as a major force for growth and development.

The afternoon will be a lively mix of round table discussions with calls for action from selected speakers.

It’s a debate, not a lecture, so expect to participate.

Register for your tickets here, and we look forward to seeing you in Margate on the 19th!

Join us for a networking reception after the debate from 6 – 8pm. We will turn on all the games and open the Main Hall to launch the GEEK2015 festival of play and games.


At GEEK We are always looking at ways to bring our festival of play and games to YOU.

If you are interested in having GEEK near you,  please let us know!


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Phone: 01843 282219

Marine Studios

17 Albert Terrace


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